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Had a fantastic experience here! The treatment was so relaxing and the staff were super professional and friendly. Not to mention my skin feels flawless now 🙂
I love this zen little spot. I tried a cryo facial for the first time and I am still glowing a day later ! The staff are adorable and I recommended coming here
Love it! The crew is great – fun and cool! Great location and cosy space, super-easy for a walkings, definitely check it out for a cryo body & facials, especially if you’re new to cryotherapy ❄️
This place is so cool! I loved that the staff is super knowledgeable in Cryotherapy. If you have a couple minutes, I would definitely recommend stopping in to learn more.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is not one of those things that you should expect immediate life changing results in one session, so I urge everyone to go at least 3-5 times in a week before deciding if it’s life changing or not. Really, don’t even bother with a single session- buy a 10 pack, use it, and see the magic for yourself! They offer a whole body stand up with your head above the chamber ( which I prefer , and for those that actually care, the walk in chambers actually are not colder than the stand up. really. Next health gets to 150. I don’t think that’s even scientifically the temperature that gets your body to go into survival mode, I think it’s supposed to be 165 )

BUT ANYWAY, why I love Cryo Cafe itself:

1. HOURS- Truly, most accommodating hours
2. PARKING- free parking in a huge lot right in front, just ask for validation. The lot is the lot down Melrose ALLEY, same as where cyclehouse and crubox students are directed to park ( not melrose place, and not melrose ave.. but the ALLEY is also where you will find the entrance to the amazing place )
3. PRICING- This is the only cryo place in West Hollywood where you can buy a single month without needing to commit to a minimum of 2 months for under $399.. unbelievable! They also offer numerous packages well worth the money.
4. STAFF – The owner is the perfect hypeman and picked a great team of hard working, normal, and kind individuals. When you’re freezing and naked with socks on, those 3 minutes can be brutally slow- or go by fast, and it positively helps when the staff is oozing with authenticity and kindness.
5. SERVICES- cryofacial + chamber available for those that care, all state of the art machines.
Go here!

Ever since I saw this come up on my ClassPass, I have been wanting to check it out to see what all the fuss was about. I signed up for both the facial and whole body.
For the whole body, they have you change into a robe wearing only your underwear and they give you socks, fuzzy UGG slippers, and hand mittens. Then, you go inside the chamber and take the robe off. The experience is for 90 seconds. I get cold easily so I was freaking out a bit. I had my friend come with me to walk me through it just in case. Thankfully, the 90 seconds didn’t feel too long. Your hands and leg definitely get the coldest. The worker was very friendly, and even played a song of my choice during the experience.
Afterwards, I had the facial. This was much more bearable and didn’t feel as cold. They ask you to choose a aroma of your choice and start blowing cold air onto your face.
Overall – I felt more awake after the whole body cryotherapy but I didn’t feel a whole different. I wasn’t too sure about the facial either. Maybe I need to go back to experience more of a difference. Nonetheless, it was a cool experience to try.

I love that Cryo Cafe was right beside CruBox. Perfect recovery after your workout. The staff are awesome, chill and friendly and explained everything as well.
I got the quick fix for the forearms (I have aggressively inflamed forearms). It was great, afterwards you can see the muscles were relaxed and the soreness dissipated. I wish they had this back home where I’m from! I will definitely be back the next time I visit Cali!

It was my first time trying this place out and never had this kind of facial before. It was very therapeutic and liked the vibe and aesthetic of the place. Super friendly. They also have a nice valet staff outside with free valet for the first 30 min. Which is how long the facial is. I enjoyed it and would do it again. Thank you!

What an amazing first experience! The staff was very welcoming, couldn’t of asked for a better 1st time. Everyone was very knowledgeable about any questions we had. It’s also relaxing and you can feel the effects right away. After my face was glowing and very tight! I will be coming back every week! Thanks for the great experience! Can’t wait to come back!

i’ve been to both locations on Melrose and Encino and I could not be more satisfied! I was really curious about the benefits of cryotherapy.. Steven the GM was so knowledgeable on the topic. First I got a facial and almost immediately felt/saw the results. this definitely helped minimize my pores and helped with some agitation i had from some acne. Next i received localized cryo on my neck & upper back.. i was recently rear ended pretty hard and experienced whiplash. this helped take away the pain and helps with the soreness 100%. I will ABSOLUTELY be coming to CRYO CAFE for a very long time. Thank you!!!

I can highly recommend the Cryo Cafe on Melrose Avenue to whoever wants to get a complimentary chamber treatment or a facial treatment ! I really enjoyed the “beautyfix” cryo treatment. It leaves your skin feel soft and smooth and it’s really refreshing especially on a hot day ! You can decide which oil you’d like to smell during your treatment. I had the lavender oil and it was really relaxing.
The staff is also super friendly and helpful and the interior is super cute !
I’ll definitely come back

Had the cryo facial and forearm treatment last week and it was amazing. Friendly staff and my arms feel like new. I highly recommend it.

I love this place. Tucked away in this tiny sweet zen little location.
I was skeptical about the results but, it actually made my face glow ! I am a makeup artist and would def recommend this. Especially prior to a night out as its non-invasive and won’t cause you any harm. I really want to try full body but, I have to ease myself into mentally because I hate being cold ! Anyway, the place is nice and clean and the staff are adorable. Check it out

Ice fumes and hot tunes? Can I get a “helll yaaasss!”?
Cryo Cafe is the NKOTB in the fast ‘hotting’ Melrose Alley, sandwiched between hipster joint Alfred’s Coffee and “sweatworking” boutique Crubox. Unlike the dentist feel of most traditional cryo places I’ve been to, Cryo Cafe has a completely different buzz and ambience, resembling a cross between a Norwegian-inspired first class airport lounge, and a speak-easy sativa dispensary.
They offer what I call hip-hop-disco full-body cryo (although I think you get to pick whatever music is blasted on the speakers), cryo facials (honestly the most blissful facial laxative I’ve ever experienced), and I think I walked into a pet-cryo therapy session (seriously).
They have a 50%-off grand-opening speical, so I highly recommend taking advantage of that now.
Fun! And I’ll be back for more.

I love love love cryo cafe!!!!! Don’t be afraid of the cold!! Cryo has wonderful health benefits all around!

I saw a friend of mine doing this on instagram, jumped on yelp and found this cool little spot. I never tried this before but let me tell you… I’m hooked. The staff was extremely nice and super resourceful. They explained everything and how the systems work. I went in since my knee has been killing me. (I work out everyday) – yesterday my knee already started feeling better, I went back again today for the full body; did a full 3 minutes and feel like a champ.

This place was awesome. I walked in to great music bumping and sweet smiling faces. They helped me figure out my parking before I even walked in the door. It was My first time doing Cryo. I got a facial and the gentleman doing it explained for me the entire time all the benefits.
There are so many! I’m definitely going to do a whole body next for gut inflammation. Not only that, my face looks amazing right now. Can only imagine what it’s doing on the inside ! Go here !!

Incredibly fun, professional and knowledgeable staff/owners. Felt an immediate difference and loved my cuddles from their honorary Cryo Pup

On my first day of vacation i sprained my Achilles tendon and i was in excruciating pain. A friend recommended CryoCafe. It turned this lost vacation into good times again.
I went twice a day for 4 days and I can now walk again. It is an absolute miracle. The staff is so knowledgeable and made this recovery so simple
Thank god this happened in West Hollywood and not at home in Montréal where we don’t have this service. Now I’m literally back on my feet and continuing my vacation.
Thank you CryoCafe. You are the best
Luc P Cartier

Super cute, cozy place with fun attentive team! Tried the “beautyfix” cryo treatment that leaves your skin feel alive, smooth and tight. Had a treatment with Lauren- she is amazing!
Definitely will be back.
5.0 star rating 6/3/2018
Not only do I religiously get overjoyed to watch their insta gram stories of the BEVERLY HILLS PUPS loving the Cryo, but I also finally got to try this hip new trendy hip hop house. (Okay it’s a all things Cryo place but I did jam to Brock Hampton during my session)
Good vibes. Hidden spot. Next to all things you could ever want (rise nation, playlist yoga, Alfred tea), you won’t waste a minute of your time coming here.
Super friendly and no intimidating vibes here. Chill relaxing upbeat and of course energizing post Cryo.
I mean Justin Bieber loves Cryo, so that says a lot. (He really does though). Blast calories, pain, and fatigue shock your system into something better then your used too, and even relax out front on the chic modern chairs.
Don’t be afraid of the cold, or the chamber. It’s all safe, healthy, and in good fun. Seriously, you’ll never feel better. For all those hungover, sore, or jet lagged (or even grumpy) people reading this come spend 3 minutes doing something to fix it!

I used my beauty pass app to find this amazing cryo cafe! I’m really excited that I’ve found this little gem! I revived a cryo facial and I have to say my skin feels great after just one treatment! I really noticed my skin change! I would high recommend coming here not only for the treatments but for the great hospitality of the workers there! I had a great conversation with the girl who did my cryo facial and the service was just overall outstanding! I will for sure come back!

I did the whole body fix and it was such an amazing experience. I feel so much energized and the ladies were super sweet. I’ll definitely be coming back!

This place is absolutely amazing! A few of my friends had done cryotherapy and convinced me to try it out when I was in WeHo last weekend. Well, I will definitely be doing it again.
The first thing I noticed was that the place was spotless, which is always a good sign. As soon as I walked in, the staff greeted me and were super helpful in explaining the variety of services they offer. You can either do a cryo facial or get a full body treatment, both of which are fair prices for the service. Before you go in, they have fluffy socks and nice robes to wear to keep warm.
Will definitely be coming back!