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Unlimited Membership | $340


2 Unlimited Membership | $550


Our industry-renowned Titan chamber is the only fully UL Certified cryo machine in the world, perfectly circulating subzero air around the body for 2-3 minutes. Our WholeFix enlivens your senses, reduces inflammation, improves quality of sleep, releases endorphins, strengthens immunity & boosts energy.

Pricing | $60 per single session (2-3 minutes)

WholeFix Membership | $340
Unlimited Chamber + 4 BeautyFix
20% Off All Other Services


Our signature CryoBeauty treatment uses a targeted stream of vaporized liquid nitrogen to cool even the deepest layers of skin – ultimately tightening the skin, closing pores, replenishing collagen, increasing circulation & diminishing wrinkles. Catch your BeautyFix escape & open your eyes to a youthful, revitalized glow. #StayWoke

Pricing | $70 per single session (15 minutes)

BeautyFix Membership | $340
Unlimited Facials + 4 WholeFix
20% Off All Other Services


Need some extra TLC on a certain body part? Despite a healthy lifestyle, stubborn genetics & hard-to-workout areas are essentially impossible to refine. Catch a 30 minute BodFix to promote oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood flow to conquer cellulite, derail skin issues, heal scarring & tone muscles.

Pricing | $80 per single session (20-30 minutes)

BodFix Membership | $380
Unlimited Body + 4 WholeFix
20% Off All Other Services


Living an active lifestyle can take its toll on your body. Muscle soreness, injuries, inflammation & general wear and tear. Our 5 to 10 minute QuickFix uses localized cryotherapy with a handheld device in targeted areas to reduce recovery time & keep your body in peak physical shape.

Pricing | $50 per single session (5-10 minutes)

DeuxFix Membership | $540
WholeFix Membership for 2

The anytime wake-up call. A different type of vacation.
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